Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cadence's princess hat

Well as many of you know, Cadence was born with one side of head being flatter than the other side. It is called Plagiocephaly. We did not think of any thing of it for about 8 months or so. Well we decided to have her checked out and it turned out she is a level 3 and needed to get fitted for a helmet. The helmet will form her head as it grows in a round head.

This was hard for me to digest, knowing that my only girl wil have to wear this ugly looking white hard hat for 3 months and for 23 hours out of the 24. I know that it is best for her and she will thank us in the future, but I will tell you that for not being a year old yet, she sure has been through alot of tough moments. It is what it is and she is still as a cute as button and I see those rosy cheeks sticking out from the hat. It is harder to kiss her, but I have found ways.

She is doing well though and I think will adjust perfectly like a princess.