Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our big 12 hour Adventure

If we can handle a 12 hour trip to Michigan with 2 children in the car, I think we are bound to handle anything. My sister got married on May 3 in Michigan.

Let me start by saying that on Friday morning around 2:00 we woke up to the wind sounding like a train was coming through our window, so we gathered the kids and went to the basement for about 15 mins. It was scary even more when you have children. We were lucky because about 2 miles from our house a tornado did touch down and damaged several homes.

After it was all done we left for Michigan around 330am, in the pouring rain for the next 12 hours. When we reached Illinois, it was still raining and the sky was dark so we knew a storm was coming, what we did not know is that 3 funnel clouds would touch ground and then go back up while we were driving in the car. At one point I was thinking how we going to keep everybody safe and all the situations of what can happen went through my head. It was really neat to watch them form fast and then go back up,but really scary as well.

We finally arrived and had a great time at rehersal, we were late of course, but I think we had a good excuse. The wedding was wonderful and we had a great time. Kendric and Cadence tried their best, but Cadence had enough and fell asleep while my mom was holding her down the asile and Kendric screamed so I had to hold him.

That is what makes it so memorable though. I cannot believe you are married Kristen. My little sister, wow!!! Mike is wonderful man and I wish all the best to both of you. I love you!!!

Sorry about the double picture

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