Saturday, May 24, 2008

Visit to Milian

It was that time of year to take our once a year trip to a tiny town called Milian, to visit Ryan's grandparents on the farm he grew up on. We also have a great time and it is always such a time we cherish because we never know if it will be our last. Grandad is 90. There is so much sptace to run around in and we do not have to say"Not for Kendrics touch" or "stay over here."

Cadence tried to enjoy herself. but it is hard when she cannot get down and crawl. Poor gal, almost time big girl. you will be walking soon. She enjoyed hanging out in the stroller though. What a life!!

Kendric has become obessed with pianos(which he calls them Kianos). granny and grandad have a organ and he went to town on it. We were being seranaded by the lovely music,but we can only take so much. Sorry Kendric. Of course Cadence needs to do(at least try to do) what Kendric does, but gets frustrated when she can't. Soon baby girl!!!

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