Monday, September 1, 2008

Daycare fun with friends

As many of you know I watch during the school year and this year Kendric is the oldest and sometimes that is good and sometimes that is bad. He gets bored and the links to being mean to his baby sister. Sorry sweet thing. Some days are better than others. He enjoys playing with Nick who is 20 months and they seem to interact well when they want to. He enjoys playing with playdough though and never wants to miss circle time or art.
Cadence on the other hand is a little pistal. She is at the age that she does everything anybody else,especially her older brother. Her and Nick play well together most of the time. One day Nick discovered that he could climb in the storage unit and then here comes Cadence wanting to do the same thing. You can tell by the look on Nick's face that he wanted to be rescued and did not like little Cadence trying to climb all over him. Sorry little fellow.

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