Monday, September 22, 2008

It is official

Wow, it has been a couple weeks since I have been blogged. i need to get better.
Iton the is official ,our house is officially on the market.l We were going to wait until Feb.,but we decided to do it now and see how many bites we get. We have been scoping out a model over in Clay meadows South. It has everything we are looking for and more. It is still a split lev el,but a bigger one and we need one. The walls are getting closer in because of all the toys. After decluttering and putting things in storage it does seem as small,but we still need more space. It is very daunting to think that we have to move again and get settled in a new neighborhood,but this neighborhood is filled with young children and we have some friends over there,so the transition should be good..
We would really like to move in Jason and Emily's neighborhood so Kendric and Jonathon can play with each other and we can be closer to our good friends,but we still be close to them either way. Tell your neighbors to move please Emily.
W e are very excited and hope that our house sells for a decent price and we move into "our home" as we call it. It wil all work out like it is suppose to.

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