Thursday, October 9, 2008

Doctor visitsx2

I am late in posting this,time is not real easy to find these days,but Kendric and Cadence both went for 15 month and 3 year old checkups on Wednesday. It was much easier to take both of them(for Ryan anyway who takes them). They both got shots and Kendric did very well with his shot and Nasel spray flu shot. Cadence on the other hand(I truely think it is because she is a girl),the doctor agreed to, threw a fit as soon as Dr. Storm walked in the room she threw her back back and started screaming and would not cooraporate. She is a cutie patutie though when she is not having a tantrum. She got 4 shots and screamed and screamed, which made Ryan's heart break,but as soon the binky reached her mouth everything was ok.

Cadence weighs 21 pounds and is 31 inches long. She is 25% for weight and 70% for length. Long and lean she is.

Kendric weighs 32 pounds and is 50% and is 37 inches and 50%.

All healthy and growing fast.

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