Monday, October 6, 2008

fun time,not very good pickens

We made it to the pumpkin patch again for third year in row,but it was a little different this time though. We have been going with the Kazmaiers,but we missed them a bunch this year. Kendric was missing Jonathon alot this year. I could tell because he did not do as much this year because he had to do most of it himself,as Cadence was too small. It was hard to find time this year that both of us could go together. Hopfully next year we will be together again. We did have a great time,however the patch this year was not very good. All the pumppkins we rotted and smashed,but the kids found a grasshopper that they loved so that made up for not having any pumpkins. Cadence really enjoyed looking at the animals in the petting zoo and Kendric enjoyed running in the pasture of pumpkins,it was a little too bumpy for miss Cadence.
It was another great year pumpkin picken.

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