Wednesday, October 22, 2008

womans day book, entry one

Ok, I saw this on a blog page and thought it was really neat I enjoy reading different entries that other women have blogged. It is suppose to be done every Monday,but I am going to start it today,(wednesday.)

Outside my window.... I see huge raindrops falling and the leaves barely moving. The screens on my windows have huge raindrops on them so it is hard to see outside. I see lots of green due do the rain and blue recycling boxes that need to be picked up. I also see our for sale sign that is in our yard. There is not much going on,on the is rainy morning.

I am thinking.... Wow, it is really raining outside

I am thankful for.... that I do not have to go out in the rain,that I have a home I stay in and keep my kids and I dry.

from the kitchen... you know, I have not a whole of cooking in my kitchen,but I have started too. right now my kitchen is clean and bare,due to the fact that our house is on the market. kinda of like it that though.

I am wearing.... Jeans and a white shirt with silver lettering on it.

I am creating .... a christmas list

I am reading..... Parents magazine, family fun magazine. I am trying to finish them,but do not have a whole of time to read.

I am hearing... My daughter cry for attention,(guess I need to give her some) and my son saying no Cadence.

Around the house.... I have toys all around the living room floor

One of my favorite things..... facebook

A few plans for the rest of the week.... Hope for some showings, play with my wonderful kiddos and work on potty training my son. #1 goal right now. Enjoy a weekend of nothing planned.

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