Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

I think Halloween this year was alot more fun for kendric plus it was unseasonably hot. I was actually sweating when we were outside. It was good for Mr. spiderman and little pink lepard. though. We celebrated Halloween with the Kazmaiers and the whaleys and the Miles. We walked to houses and them came back and enjoyed wonderful chili that Emily made. Yum Yum Emily. It was very good. thanks for the making it and for opening your house to us.
Kendric loved running to house to house and saying "trick ur treat" with friends Jonathon,Jackson and Daniel. It is such a delight to see his face light up when candy was put in his bag.even though it was chocolate and he does not like chocolate. I guess that can be a good thing huh?
Cadence totted along with her bag in her hand and went up to a few houses(with help from mom and dad) and you could tell she was thinking, why do people keep putting goodies into my bag. She did such a great job. These are the moments that make you so proud to be parents and cherish every second of this. I love it.

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