Thursday, February 26, 2009

potty training 1on1

So I am sure everybody knows that Kendric is very stubborn and will be 31/2 soon and is yet not potty trained. It is not becasue we chose not to,believe me we have tried and no luck.

On Monday though I said I had enough and decided we are no longer in diapers. I was thinking to myself, I am setting myself up for some messy times ahead and some frustration.

It is day 4 of underwear and we have not used the potty once,but he does not want to put a diaper on. It is a messy job,but I am bound and determined to accomplish it and I WILL!!! It may take a little tears and some baby steps,but it will get done. He actually sat on the potty today(2-26) and was happy about it. See, we are making progress.

Wish us luck as we take this adventure and we post tons of pics with his big boy underware when it is all said and done.

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