Monday, March 23, 2009

Visit with great grandma

About 2 months ago, my mother had acalled me to tell me my grandma has Acute Lukemia and only has about 3 months to live. All of a sudden guilt started just raging inside me. I have not been extremely close to my grandma. When I was younger I would always take trips on Christmas and thanksgiving to visit her. It was a long 14 hour drive from Ohio to Iowa. The times were fun and I always enjoyed going there. THe older we got, the slower we were to going. We wanted to stay home for the Holidays or my grandma would come to Ohio every 2 years or so. When I got married and started a family of my own, the times of visting and driving were becoming distant. It is very hard to travel with kids and we do the least that we can.

I started having flashbacks of the good times we had and needed to see to her. I knew I needed to go to Minnisota once last time to spend time with her and say my final goodbye.

The 6 hour trip was not awful, I just do not want to do it very often. When we got there the kids were shy at first,but quickly warmed up to my grandma. They had fun playing with the 2 dogs and playing outside and playing games with grandma. As much as she could. As I was watching them play and interact, I got teary eyed knowing this will be the last time I see her until I see her in heaven.
I Know she will be happy and safe and not hurting anymore. I love you grandma and hang in there. You are still young at heart.

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