Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial day weekend

We took our usual trip to Milan Missouri on memorial day weekend. We went up on Sat and spent the day at Ryans grandparents house and then spent a couple hours at the old timers festival. His grandparents are getting up in age and we are not sure if the year we go will be the last year. This is their last year on the farm. They are moving into to town into a retierment home so we soaked up the smell of cows and horses and took a ride on the tractor for one last time. Kendric loved riding on the tractor. He got to drive it and was very excited he did that. Cadence had a look of please get me off of here. Her ride was not so fun.
Later that day Ryan's sister and husband and 2 nieces came to visit us in our new house for the first time and had a slumber party. It was a lot of fun. Ryan and Matt went to a movie so we had some water fun in the driveway. We had the kids run through water with their clothes on and they had a blast.
It was a very relaxing weekend. On Monday we did some landscaping and things around the house that we needed to get done.
It was nice to have the extra day to do nothing,however I am off for 10 weeks so I can do nothing,but I do have activities planned for the kids and I do t his summer. I cannot be at home everyday all day since I am for 9 months during the school year. I will cherish these 10 weeks though with my babies.

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