Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The past week

Well we are in our new house and loving it. I was not sure how any of it was going well. From the daycare kiddos transitionin,to my own kids. Everything has been going great. All the kids seem to be adjusting well. we finally have a toy room that the kids enjoy. A bigger area to walk around in and an open area where the kitchen and living room attach so I can see all t he kitchen and not be blocked off the wall. Kendric and Cadence have slept in their own rooms all week now and fg to bed great.
I gave them a bath in the jacuzzi tub and they loved it. It is so much fun to see them sparkle with excitement. We are so blessed with what god has presented us with. I have to say I was a little nervous about moving into a new neighborhood and not knowing anybody,but I have to say it has been such a blessing. At our old house we never got to play outside for a long period of time because people would fly down our street and our backyard really was not the best. At our new house we live on a culdesac(sp) and all around us are little kids just about the age of Kendric and Cadence. It has been a dream to just see their faces light up when they are playing with the neighbor kids. They are outside for hours right now. Ryan and I are not quite use to them going over the neighbors house to play in the back yard or just letting them outside knowing that they are safe.
It has been such a blessing to have what we have right now. I just thought we would never get here. After about 5 and half months on the market and our house finally selling and then to have the house we wanted to still be available was definatily god working. He is wonderful and we never have to worry becasue we know he will take care of us.
I feel like we have been "HOME" for a long time and it has only been a week. I just thank god everyday for what he has provided for us.
We are anticipating the warmer weather so we can go our pool. We have never had a neighborhood pool before so we are very excited to explore that this summer. I only have 3 more weeks of watching kids and then it is summer break, Yipee. We cannot wait.
Things are good here and we are just about unpacked. We have things to set up for the garage sale,but after that I think we can say we are settled in. I am very excited to decorate the house this summer and make it my own.
I love this jouney and cannot wait to what the future holds.
I hope you can follow us in all the good memories we will have in this house.
I am really excited because the computer is in the kitchen now and i have more time and chances to blog, so hopfully I can keep everybody updated on everything that will go on.

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