Friday, June 19, 2009

Potty Training

I never thought that it would happen,but Kendric is just about potty trained and almost being 4 that is a relief. It took some Nana patience and sterness and getting over the fear of peeing in the potty. He now comes and tells us when he has to go and goes all my himself. I guess when it clicked it clicked. He does not have pooping down yet,but that will come. I am not worried about it all.
Thank you so much mom for all your hard work and dedication of sitting in the bathroom for over an hour until Kendric went potty. You have been such a great help. I was out of options and if you could not help, I was taking him to somebody to be evaluated. You are such a blessing and an AWSOME nana to my children. It has been a stressful,but yet deserving week with the potty training. It was sad when he was screaming because he did not want to go,but I was almost crying with happiness when he came to me and said " mommy, I went potty all my self in the potty and did not pee on my underwear." He has gotten a new movie, a spiderman shirt and new underwear as some of the prizes. He now goes potty and does not expect anything anymore.
Way to go my big boy. Such a huge milestone.

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