Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding and trip to Ohio

We always take a annual trip to Ohio to visit my parents every summer and this year we had a wedding in Illnois this year and then we headed to Ohio. WE always enjoy our time we spend with my family. We went to the park one day and then shopping another day and then to a small water park at a family center by our parents house. Kendric has become quite the swimmer. I did not sign him up for swim lessons this year becasue I knew it would be what it always is every year so I figured with having a neighborhood pool this year he could swim then. Well today we went to the pool and he amazed me. He was going under the water and paddleing across the water. He has become a fish. He stayed in the water the whole time we were there with the exception of adult swim for 30 mins. He is growing up so fast. I just cannot believe he will be 4. Where does time go? I am trying to cherish every moment these days because I know one day they will not want to have anything to do with me. I love them so much. Everytime Kendric comes up and says "I love you mommy" I just want to cry because it just touches my heart so much.
Awwww... Anyway, we have so much help when we go to Ohio. I have not given the kids baths since we have been here and I have a chance to read or sit or watch a movit and know my kids are taken care of. It is nice just to be home and spend time with my sisters and their husbands and husbands to be. I think we have extended our stay one more day because we are having so much fun. My parents will be leaving on Thursday for Liberty to come see our new house and for Cadence's 2nd bday.
The joys of summer traveling.

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