Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Her little imagination

Cadence has been playing so well these days and her imagination is taking off. She loves her snap and clip baby(which Santa Clause is bringing more this Christmas and has already delivered) and she said "mommy, she needs pig tails in her hair because she is a girl." Alrighty then, I put pig tails in her hair. I love the way her mind works sometimes.
She has heard us talking to Kendric about going to preschool and how a big boy he is.
I told KEndric that we not need his school bag because they are making their own when he got to school so Cadence took it and put it on and was pushing her grocery cart(best toy ever) and I asked her where she was going and she said, "well, I am a big girl and I am going to preschool. See you later mommy." I laughed for about 5 mins about this. I love how she soaks things up and then reacts it later. She is far more advanced then Kendric was at this stage and I think it becasue she has an older sibling,but she has me in stitches laughing so hard becasue the things she says just blows me away.
I have to get some postings of Kendric up here. Poor boy! Those to come soon.

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