Saturday, August 22, 2009

How blessed I feel

You know those days that the kids are screaming, they will not listen, they almost have you in tears and you are ready to throw in the towel and on those days I tend to think what my days were llike before children. I feel terrible when I have these thoughts.
Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend who needed a vent session. She was having one of these days.
She told me about her son's teacher who just had a baby a couple of months ago and was just diagnosed with brain cancer. My heart was breaking as I was listening and cannot imagine what that feeling is like when hearing this news about your precious child.
When I got off of the phone, I sat back and really thought about how lucky I was to have 2 healthy children that are my world and can never imagine a day, a moment or sec without them. It really made me realize that when I am having a rough day with them to just remember that they are with me and are gifts from god and that everybody has rough moments and that this to shall past.
I sat with them and hugged them for a few long moments and just soaked up their lovins and told them how blessed I am to be their mommy and am so greatful that that they are here to enjoy all the fun times we will have.
Thank you god for giving me to healthy children with so much vibrance and energy and it makes me think to not take advantage of anything, Enjoy the moment at the moment and do not think about what is ahead,but what is now. Never know when it will gone.

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