Sunday, August 30, 2009

I won!!

Ok, So I am following alot of blogs and getting alot of super ideas and it is fun learining about things. I am finding that it is soothing to follow other people and knowing they go through the same things I do and you feel connected when you read what is going on in their life.
Well, the best part of all is Spearmintt baby blog is always having drawings for things and you just have to do follow the blog, make a comment or vote and your name is entered in a drawing. I never win anything,so when I open my blog and saw that I won, I screamed so loud that Ryan thought something was wrong. No honey,just extemely excited and I won the peice of jewlery I wanted. What are the odds.
Cannot wait to recieve it. Click on the button on my blog and enter a chance to win.