Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple bananna smoothies

I have always been one to like to cook with kids and get them in the process and then eating teh finished product. They are always excited that they helped make it. Kendric and Cadence are right at the age where they both have fun with it.( I even try to get the little ones(daycare kids) involved if I can.) My kids really enjoy it and I love it as well. the learning process as well.
Here is the recipe if you are interested:
1 peeled apple
1 bananna
1/4 cup of milk
and 3 icecubes
(this can be doubled if you need more)
Blend all together and enjoy

My mom came to vist it and she had bought me alot of my books from college that had alot of my ideas and recipes in it. I decided to try one the other day.

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