Thursday, September 24, 2009

A business(side) think of starting up

ok, so recently I purchased a book on how to wrap gifts and the creative things you can do. They have alot of awsome ideas in there and how to do it. I enjoy doing this,but never have the time so I buy a gift bag and some tissue and vioula, done. I know I can make the time by not procasinating in 1. buying the gift and 2. waiting to wrap it until last minute. I also enjoy looking around for different wrapping and things to wrap gifts with.
My mom had mention that I should wrap presents for people who do not have the time or just do not like wrapping gifts or for any reason.
It sounds like a grand plan,but would people really pay to have a gift wrapped? Not sure. I am not sure how details like shiipping and delivery would go and cost,but if people wanted it done, I would figure it out.
So my question to my followers and anybody else reading this, is do you think this is something that would really work, or will just be a waste a time for me to get started. I never really intended to think of this as a business, just a hobby,but if I get a good response, then maybe it is something to think about. I would provide everything as far as the wrapping goes, all you need is the present. I think that is where the cost would take affect on how much materials I used and if I had to ship it to the person giving the gift or recieving the gift.
This is all up in the air and I have just been pondering on the idea,but not sure it could really be a real thing. Please give me your thougts and suggestions and I will see where it takes me.

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