Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Danielle's wedding

inside my sisters apartment. I love thw windows. Do not get anything like that these days.

Cadence did not to walk down the asile.


The beautiful bride

Not sure what he is about to do.


My sister got married on Sept. 20th and it was the perfect wedding for Danielle. Very small, 30 people and in a little chapel. That is Danielle. Nothing big, just something to show how much she loves Emmett and did not need a huge wedding to prove that.

Danielle, Even though we have not been the closest, I would not want to be anywhere else that day than with you and the love of your life. You and Emmett are the perfect fit. You understand each other in ways that nobody else can understand. I just looked at your eyes the whole day and there was such a gleem of delight and excitment.

You will have a great marriage. You have god as your foundation and that is the most important thing. You two love each other more than words can express. I cannot wait to see you grow more together. I love so much and am so happy we are getting closer as we get older.

Emmett, Thank you so much for taking care of my little sister. I know you care so much for her and will support her and be there for her. Times will get tough,but I know the love that you have for her, you can surpass any challenges that come your way or bumps in the road. You have each other and that is all that matters.

I love you both.

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