Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bugs, Bugs, go away and do not come back another day!

It all started last Friday when Cadence woke up in the middle night, shivering and coughing to the point that she threw up phlem a couple times. We were up all night with her and then Sat Morning her nose was a running machine. I could keep up with it. We had a rough night Sat. night and Sun night and Monday night.  Poor little thing. She is on the mend of getting better.  Kendric on Tuesday woke up saying he did not feel well. I was thinking Great here we go again. His nose is stuffed up,but not running. He was also saying that his ear hurt and he never says things like that. Yesterday he had his 4 year old check up and they were both scheduled to get the nasal flu mist. Well that did not happen and his checkup turned into a sick vistit and we found out he has a flaming ear infection. First one in 4 years, cannot complain. He slept for awhile this morning and woke up feeling better. thanks to Mortrin and Amoxicillian.
I hope this is it for awhile because it is only Oct. I cannot imgine what the winter holds. Ryan is now feeling a cold come on,but me, not yet. Thank goodness. Maybe it is the Tamiflu I am on that is fighting it away.
Here is to the road to recovery. We go back in two weeks to try #2 at the mist(injections are not in) and an ear update.The famous Amoxicillan and we have gone through 1 bottle of Motrin and almost finished with second one. It is a miracle worker though.

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