Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, I am ready to announce that I am just about 11 weeks pregnant. I am due May 25th,but I always go early so I know it will be about 10 days before that.
 We planned this one, I guess. We had talked about it,but was not sure about it. We are so content with 2 and we are diaper free,but deep down I knew I wanted 3. God has presented us with such another blessing of a child and we will welcome him or her(him please),but will be happy and greatful with anything with so much love . I hope I ready for this adventure of family of 5.
 I have had a bad bout of morning sickness this time around,so I am not sure what that means,but I am starting to feel much better. Thank goodness.
The kids are very excited. They keep asking me when May is coming. Cadence of course wants a girl baby, and Kendric wants a boy baby.
 I pray everyday for a healthy happy baby(and laid back) and that he will grant me even more patience to deal with my flock of 3.
 I will keep you posted with pregnancy updates and doctor visits. Please pray with me for a good pregnacy and very healthy and happy little gift for god.


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Congratulations. I am not going to lie, 3 is a challenge, but sooo worth it. I can't imagine having it any other way!