Thursday, November 12, 2009

It has been a week

It has been a week since my miscarriage. I am doing pretty well for the most part. I am hoping I do not have to go to the doctor anymore after today. I have gone 3 times already. Everytime it is just a reminder of what happened and I just want to put it past me and get on with it,but I know this is routine. Hopfully today will be the last. I am kinda sad today because it was today a week ago,but am trying to stay strong and know that I will get through today. I had a good cry in the shower so I think that was my grieving for the day.
  I just never knew how hard it was when you have a miscarriage because I never experienced it,but now and I know and it takes awhile,but I am so much better. I am feeling myself physically as well.

  THank you again for all the prayers and the support, I can sure feel them and appreicate them.

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