Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prayers please!

I am needing some prayers for my sister and her husband. Last week my sister starting seizures. 2 to 3 in a day. They happen wherever. The  doctors are not sure why this is happening,but something is causing it and that is why we are so frustrated. They cannot find a reason! ugggg! She is on antiseizure medicinne and they had to up the dose already becasue it was not working. She cannot work or drive or really not go anywhere in fear of her having a seizure. Hopefully the medicine will start working soon.
On another note, her husband who has been taking care of her threw his back out and is on heavy medication. So he cannot help her if she has a seizure.
 This should only last a day or so and then he can resume taking car of Danielle. They are both such a mess and so tired.
 Please pray that Danielle STOPS having these siezures and that Emmett's back feels better and they can get back to being newly married and life.
  They both have had many struggles throughout their life and just want to feel normal.
   Thank you for the prayers.

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SassyCassie said...

Keeping them in my thoughts!