Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving in Milan 2009

We had Thanksgiving in Milan Missouri(where Ryan is from) and visited his great grandparents. It was a very wonderful and fun time. The kids had a blast. They love the farm and always want to go back.
 The kids enjoyed riding around in the Palaris which they loved.
  Kendric and Cadence had to use the potty while we were outside and believe it or not they bothed used the out house. It was such a sight to see. Forgot my camera was in my pocket or I would have taken  a picture of it. Priceless.
 Dinner was yummy and it was great to see everybody and spend time with them.
  We celebebrated on the 21st because Ryan's uncle Kim was home from Alaska and was going back on thanksgiving day.
I think we are going to actually hang low on Thanksgiving and maybe order a pizza! (maybe) I think we may go over to our neighbors house to eat. Who knows. My parents are not coming this year,but will be here for Christmas. Honestly, I would rather have them here for Christmas than Thanksgiving.
 As long as I am with my husband and kids, I do not care what we do on Thursday.
 We will still be able to build memories.
(sorry about the poor quality of the pics) I am asking Santa for a new camera!

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