Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tough Love

I am always  thinking that I have a hard time holding onto my words as far as doing what I am saying. For example; I  am  always telling Kendric that if he does something one more time this is going to happen or I will this away. I never usually do it,(which is totally the opposite of what I learned in school),but maybe it because they are my children and I do not want to be a tough mom, but I know it shows that you hav e to respect your parents and they will always love no matter what. They maybe angry for a little while,but will always thank us in the long run.
Last night Kendric was just crazy and did not want to listen and was laughing when Ryan and I were trying to disipline him. I told him if he bothered the puppy one more time, he was going to bed. Well, you guessed it, he went up to Kenzie and started bothering her, so my next sentence was, I am so sad,but you have to go to bed now. (It was 8pm)I feel so sad that you did not listen to mommy and now this is what happens. Well after throwing a fit for 10 mins(in his bed) he finally settled down and I was able to talk to him about  what happened. He understood and said,"tommorrow I am going to listen mommy because I do not want to go to bed early." We will see! I am just glad I stayed firm and did what I said I was going to do. We also have a responsablity chart on the wall and if  he behaves(and Cadence) they get to a magnet by what they helped me with. This works very well for now and they have been really good during the day becasue I am always reminding them of that and if they get all the spaces filled in for the week they get a treat on Friday.
Here is to a good week so far

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