Monday, December 14, 2009

Annual Christmas Party

Sorry about the blurriness(due a crappy camera) and santa clause is not bringing me a new one, so this will have to do for awhile.
  Ryan and I went to ARC's annual Christmas party on Sat. It is always a fun night and we get all dressed up and eat a nice dinner and converse adults. It was a good night out. I remember our first Christmas party back in 2003 and there was only 10 people, now over 60. It just keeps growing and growing,(which is a good thing and a bad thing) those details I will keep to myself! Just in case somebody form ARC happens to read this. It is really neat to see people get married, have babies and just watch them grow their family since they started in the company.  I am really close to a couple of the wives and we have all had children right around the same time so our children are close in age. We ARC has their summer event, it is great to get all the kids together and they have such a blast together.\(I forgot my camera,but becasue I was going to take a picture of the girls and I) shame on me. I will remember next year hopefully.

Here is to another great year!
Good times had by all!

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