Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with The Clarks and Battersons(Ryan's Family)Sorry about the quality of pics, there was a thumbprint on the lense and did not realize it.

My niece had to get this for Kenzie. Nice!My sister in law and brother in law thought getting him this gun that shoots out foam darts was a great idea. It is fun until you get whacked in the head with one. This will only be a once in awhile toy.Cadence loves posing for the camera and always saying,please take a picture of me mommy. Not sure that is such the best thing,(hence all the pictures of Cadence)Cadence and cousin Ryley(who just turned 2 in Nov) playing with the handmixer coffee maker and blender.Cousin Delaney and Kendric (who are a 2 months apart)Here is Cadenc again saying take of picture of me in new coat mommy. Kendric and grandma Clark readingAll the cousins getting to frost their own cookies. Wow, that was a mess and I was freaking out a little. I saw color dripping down clothes and on the table and all over,but we got it cleaned up. It was fun for them though and that is all the matters.Cadence decided to just dip the whole cookie in the frosting and then the knife.

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