Saturday, January 16, 2010

Go away bug

I know winter season is a magnet for illness and every year I fear of my family getting some thing. I do not  mind colds or a cough or a little bug, BUT I DO MIND THE STOMACH FLU!! Well it hit the family again this year.  I such a germ freak and wipe down the grocery cart and use santizer alll the time, my kids take vitamins and I take them as well and I clean ours toys daily and they are put in the dishwasher weekly,but I know things just happen, but come on. Cadence vomited for 24 hours and I thought we were going to have to rush her to the ER, but she is slowly recovering and then Kendric only vomited a couple of times and was fine. I got  a little bit or it and then Ryan got it. We are slowly recovering,but I hate when my family gets an illness.
Since I run a daycare in home, there are more germs than a household should have, so we are more likely to contract a virus faster, but after calling the doctor, she said that the virus is hitting pretty heavy in kids and schools right now, so BEWARE!!! That is why I am behind some posts. Ihave had other things to take care of.
   I just hope this is the end of this ugly nasty bug until NEVER!
Anyway I am glad it is over and am glad to get back to normal activites(kind of) still laying low because I do not feel 100% and Cadence is still not herself. It is cleaning time for me.
Hope you all have great Saturday

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