Monday, January 4, 2010

It is time to say goodbye.... to my sweet dear grandma

My sweet dear grandmother just lost her battle with leukemia. She lived almost a year after getting a 6 months to live diagnosis.
 She put up a good fight and I wish I could have gone and seen her more. I hate losses like this. I knew this was going to happen one day and was preparing myself for it,BUT when it really happens, you are still so shocked and sad.
  My mom had just finished visiting us on Sat and the next day was on a plane to see my grandma because my grandma had said she wanted her daughter there. my mom arrived at 1230 and went to see her at 115 today and at 800 tonight she went to be with the lord. I know she is not suffering now,but I just want her to come back.
  She was the last of my grandparents that was still alive.
  I love you my sweet grandmother and I hope to be with you one day and will give you such a big hug and my usual kiss on the cheek.


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