Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wordy Wednesday

I thought I would a share how independent my little princess is. I was doing laundry the other day and she loves to help me in whatever she can. She started pulling her clothes out the dryer,but then she stopped and said " I will be right back."  She then comes in the laundry room with her hangers and then starts putting her clothes on the hangers and goes and puts them in her closet. Well, my job just got easier. "mama" she said "yes honey" " I need Kendric's hangers right away to hang up his clothes." "ok" I went to go get them and she did the same thing. Wow, I have to get her to do mine clothes and laudry just became a sinch. ( is that a call to child labor?)
  I was also reading in a magazine that you need to help your children get dressed until about the age of 4, umm nope, my 21/2 old can get herself dressed and her socks and shoes on without my help. My 4 year old still needs a little assistance,but for the most part has it down pat.

A couple other things, she can also change a diaper(non BM) clean up spit up and get a child dressed. Can I just sit back and relax? it sure is gettting easier. She will be a wonderful big sister someday and a great mommy's helper. She already is.
 I just love her to peices though, even in between the tantrum throwing!

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The Kazmaier's said...

Awe! Good for her! :) My daughter still pulls everything out of her draws and off of the hangers.