Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I guess I need to update just to update.  We have really enjoyed such nice weather, most of my days are spent outside. I do like it because it keeps the house cleaner and they nap much better.
 We have things going on just about every weekend it seems like,but this weekend I think seems pretty calm for once.  I am counting the days until summer break. Not to many more.
  I am doing something I thought Iwas not going to do,but I sending Kendric to a summer camp only 2 days a week for 2 hours,but he really enjoys school and this gives Cadence and I some one on one that we both need before the baby arrives.  It is at the school he attends now so he is familar with it. Sometimes he gets really bored and anyting mommy suggests gets shot done so I think this will be good for him. In fact, I know it will be. I actually applied to work the 2 days that he is there because both the kids can attend for free if I work it. No word on that yet. It will give us all something to do for a couple of hours a couple days a week.

Anyway, not much to update, nothing exciting really going on. I will have a pregnancy update soon.

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