Wednesday, April 21, 2010


 I have been struggling with ear issues for about a week and half and just thought it was allergies and wax buildup. Well on Monday I woke up in alot of pain and could barely do anything because it hurt. My left ear has been clogged and I cannot really hear out of it,but Monday was bad. I really  though I was going to have to use sign language. I had about enough and went to see the doctor on Tuesday and I have fluid build up in my left ear and an ear infection in my right ear. I would have never guessed it was an ear infection. Never had one in my life and now in my 30's I get one. The doctor says everything is different when you are pregnant. NEver had this problem before.
 I am really glad I went and I love my doctor. I really did not have one and I am not a big fan of urgent care or min clinic,but Iwill go if I have to. I found a really good one(thanks to my neighbor who is a nurse there.)
 I was so excited to get on some medicine. I have only taken 2 doses so my ears are still not normal,but hopefully they will heal soon so I can hear again. I have so much more sympathy for little ones who get ear infections, THEY HURT!!!!
 I am on the road to recovery thanks to some Amoxocillian.

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