Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend recap

We had a very busy weekend, which seems to be the case these days.
 On Friday we out to dinner and then grocery shopping and came home and chilled.

On Sat, we went to take the kids to Shreck the 4th in 3D. It was a very cuty movie. Cadence got restless,but she is almost 3 so I did not expect her to sit the whole time. She did pretty good though. After the movie we came for a few hours and played outside for the whole time and then packed up again and went to a church picnic which was outside so it was fun to be outside the entire day almost. I left early to go to bunco. It was a very nice break, I had a lot of fun.

Today(Sun) we went to church and are there from 915 to 1230 because we teach a Sunday school class and then go to service. We ususally go out to lunch,but Ryan had to stay after for a leadership meeting. I came home and had the kids play outside and currently am by myself while they are at the park! Awww, I can sit and worry about nothing.  I think I am going to go take a quick nap.

 Hope everybody had a great weekend!

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