Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sum sum summertime

Since it has been so hotside and the water feels great when you are 7 months pregnant, we have ventured off to the pool pretty much everyday. It is great having a pool not even a mile away from the house.
 Kendric is swimming all my himself the length of the pool and jumping in and doing back flips and Cadence in the past couple days has been getting braver and now she swims with just floaties on now and is even jumping off the edge now. She stays in the shallow part so I can reach her if I need to,but it is so nice to sit back and chat it up with my neighbors at the pool and not have to constantly walk around and chase after kids.
 I as well LOVE floating away in the water. I have been having major hip problems and I do not feel a thing in the water. It is great and if you cannot find me check the pool. We will be there ALOT!!
  Tommorrow or Thursday I will bring my camera to snap pictures. I am just so proud of both of them and they are growing up so fast. I love where my life is right now and would not change it one bit!
Have a great summer evening

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