Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 70th wedding anniversary

Ryans grandparents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversay. Wow, what an awsome milestone. It is so rare these days it seems like to be married for 10 years let alone 70. They had a celebration in Ryan's hometown yesterday,but Ryan had a prior engagement at church that day and it was just not the right time. I hope everybody understands why we were not there. Their guideness is God and having a christian marriage and loving each other for who the person is and communtication are so important in a marriage and Granny and granddad have that.
  they are 2 wonderful people and have the purest hearts.
  I hope you 2 have manymore to come and congrats on such a wonderful marriage.
(Kendric wanted me to  post all three pictures we took, and was standing right by me when I did this post.)

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