Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Sunday

I am a little late posting this as time got away from me. last Sunday our church's sermon was on the last Chapter of Jonah. God told Jonah to step out of his comfort zone. This was such a good chapter. Our paster challenged us (as a church) to step out of our comfort zone and he took off his shoes and laid them on the stairs of the alter. He proceeded to read a letter from Haiti and some missionaries had explained that people of Haiti live in tents and barely get anythin to eat, but they get all dressed up and fancy to go to church. They will not go to church though if they do not shoes to wear,well he challenged us to step out of our comfort zone and take off the shoes on our feet and place them on the stairs so the the people of Haiti would have shoes to wear to church.
I sat there as I watched person after person take off their shoes and put them on the stairs. I prayed and prayed at that moment for god to lay it on my heart to take my shoes off. As I thought about this, I struggled with this because I had shoes on that were on of my favorite pair of shoes and I wore them all the time,but God reached my heart and I thought a bout all the shoes I have in my closet(some I have not even worn this summer yet) and how most of th people in Haiti do not have any shoes at all and are walking on rock or hot cement orwhatever the case may be. I took my shoes off and placed them on the floor and felt a sense of relief knowing I did the right thing.
  After the sermon was over I went to go the kids(Ryan is a prayer counsler now so I have to go get both kids) and both of them asked me why I did not have shoes on, I explained to them that I gave them a mommy who does not have any shoes at all and sometimes her feet hurt because she does not have shoes on to protect them. Cadence right away took off her shoes and placed them on the stairs and then Kendric did as well,but as he watched the shoes being packed away in bins, he had a little bit of regret,but Ryan and I told him both how proud we were of him and that he will make another 4 year old boy so happy because he has shoes to wear. He soon understood the reason for giving his shoes away. I was tearful as my kids made up their own minds and let god reach them to give their shoes away.
  It was raining that day and the ground was wet, so it helped when we all walked out barefoot. We needed to run some errands that day,but did not swing home to get shoes so we decided to go to target to get some cheap flip flops. Target is really strict about no shoes on no service,but figured they would understand after we explained why I was barefoot and pregnant and the rest of my family had no shoes on,but we made a beeline for the shoe section and quickly picked out some shoes and tore he tags off and went to buy them.
   It was pretty funny the looks we got,but hey, we had a fantastic reason and good way to god's word to reach other people.
  It was such a powerful Sunday and we all felt awsome for the act of kindess we did. Just wanted to share this with you all and hope it reaches your heart as it did ours.
 By the way the church collected over 1400 pairs total from all 3 services.

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