Thursday, August 19, 2010

34 weeks

[Image] How many weeks: 34

size of baby: a little over 5 pounds

Weight gain: 25 give or take a few

Cravings: none right now

Movement: Yes, I feel like she is going to kick her way out somedays.

What I miss: everything about not being pregant> can you tell I am ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Symptoms: still just alot of pressure and going to bathroom all the time. I am now having swelling in my right leg, and I never swelled with my other 2 pregnancies, so wondering if it could be a blood clot or just some swelling. Yikes. I am not very comfortable at ll right now and my husband can really tell. me grumpy? nooo! I only have about 4 or 5 weeks left, so I am hanging in there, It will all be worth it when I see Kaelis. Everything goes away as soon as I have the baby,s o not to much longer, then it is lack of sleep. THe joys of motherhood. If I was younger, I would do it again,but WE ARE FINSHED!!! My husband is going to seek medical attention ASAP!!!LOL!

There you have it, more than you were expecting. I know. Kinda had to vent a little. Uggg!

Have a good Thursday.

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