Monday, August 9, 2010

Bitter sweet feelings about the month of August and September

Wow, I cannot believe that summer is just about over. I feel like it just flew by. I have mixed emotions about summer being over. I love summer, not for the heat,but for the days when you get up and have nothing going on or the last minute trips yoiu make or the staying up late and getting up late. I love the fact that we can go the pool and cool off and just have fun. It is such a great outlet when the weather is so hot you sweat walking to mailbox. I love the fact that we have the flexablitly to do anything at anytime or just to hang out and have fun in the house or with neighbors.
  August may not be my favorite month just for the fact that I know school starts and that it is the end of summer and the fact that it is so HOT!  I have bitter feelings because of the end of summer and back to work and school,but I have sweet emotions because it is closer to Kendric's and mine birthday ,which is in September and this year closer to meeting our third child, due in Septemeber. I am happy for my husband because football starts this month as well and I know he longs for the football season. I am really going to try to get more into football for him. Especially the Chicago bears(which is the only team that matters) and the Cincinnati bengals. College is Ohio State. I want to the kids excited about it and we are all going to wear Chicago Bear and Ohio State clothing this year as well. Already have some ordered. I am trying to go into this year with a better mind set going to be more positive about the gloomy weather, snow, cold weather and all the bundling up that goes on,but that is life.
  Since I run an inhome daycare(preschool, as I would like to call it), I do not have the flexability to leave and sometimes I feel like I am going to go crazy because I do not have that outlet to do so,but that is what I chose to do 5 years ago and I am still able to stay home with my children,so with that said, I am going in with an open mind this year and I realize this is something I must do for the family and to be able to live in our house and provide things, I must do this. I am will ing to accept this. I always have these emotions at the start of the school year,but they get better as the school year goes on.
  I have better ideas this year and have moved my daycare downstairs so that I do not have 7 children running all over my house.
  I just wanted to get it out there and kind of see my emotions written down so I go back and read it if I need reassuance about this year.
  I love the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves and being to make chili and beef stew and snuggle under the blankets,but I love wearing flip flops and tank tops and shorts,but  I also like jeans and long sleeve shirts. See why I have mixed emotions?
  Ok, I think I laid it all out there and I am going to quit typing and go have fun with my kids on this last day of summer. Have a great Monday.

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