Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog journal entry #3

Blog Entry #3  What is my favorite TV show:  Ok, I am going to admit that I do not just have 1 favority tv show. Some people like to read, I like to dvr shows and watch them later, when most people like to read. I am just not reader, never have been, never will be. Anyway, I have a list longer than most people,but that is me.
  So here is a list of the shows I watch:
                                                              Bachelor/bachelorette( I know I should not watch this crap,but it gets so additcting)
                                                              America's got talent(there is some real talent on that show)
                                                               American Idol
                                                                Grey's Antomy
                                                                  Desperate housewives


                                                                   The office
                                                                   Friday night lights

                                                                Raising sextuplets
                                                                 The duggers 19 and counting

                                                                and a few other sitcoms.

 Ok, people. I just want to say I watch these at nap time if I have nothing to do which is rare. I do not take naps, not for me or I watch them when the kids are in bed. I do not watch them when the kids are awake. Seems like a long list,but some have a long lists of books, I have a list of  DVR shows. What can I say.

Have a great Tuesday

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