Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 12

Something (s)you are OCD about
1. having no dishes in the sink and counters clean before I go to bed. I really do not like waking up with dishes to put away.
2. living room and play room clean before going to bed.
3.everything has a home in my house. not just randomally throwen in toy container, cars in one bin, tea set in another(in playroom) things cannot be mixed up, it drives me crazy. or things all messy in a drawer or cluttered on the counter.
4. no crumbs on floor or counter at any time and I vaccum everyday just about.
5. bed(s) has to made everyday.
I think those are the major ones.


The Conway's said...

Haha..I think we could be twins :)
Just saw you are from Liberty MO...I'm from Cape Girardeau MO. We are just in California until Jason finishes his clinicals!

Amber said...

Please, feel free to come visit my house with those qualities :) I will even pay you!! Haha!