Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 24

Where I live

I am skipping the other topics. I know I think I failed the blog journal, but the only way to catch up is to jump ahead a little. 
I live in Liberty Missouri
I have to say it is not a small town,but they keep building in Liberty and you do not have to leave Liberty to go shopping or go out to eat. There is also the square which is old Liberty(business district) and they have some shops and restaurtants and a farmers market on the weekends. I love going there and it is about 5 mins away from our house.
 Even though it is a big city you still see people around town or in stores or restaurants and it kind of makes me feel like I am in a small town.
I have be honest, I am not sure I would do well in a small town. I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio and I love the city. My husband grew up in a tiny town called Milan Mo and we go back about twice a year and I honestly can say that I would have been so bored with a block of things to do.  It is so small that they have one restaurant and  a pizza hut trailer would come every Friday to deliver pizza. That was the hightlight of the night I suppose. My husband said they spent a lot of time outside and Isuppose it would get our creative juices going since there is really nothing to do there!  My husbands graduating class was so small you can reserve a table at a restaruant. Everybody knows everything about everybody and you have to go about an hour away to get to a Walmart. I am not sure what I would do.
I love being able to jump in the car and be at target in 10 mins. Anyway, I love where I live( I would love  to move back to Cincinnati,but not going to happen.)
Here is a picture of the Cincinnati Kentucky river

Here is a picuture of the Historic downtown Liberty

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