Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 29

Hopes plans and dreams for the next365 days.

Gosh, I may have to many but I can list a few.
My hope is to become a better wife,mother, sister, mentor...
I plan on finding a part time job outside the home next summer in 2011. If all goes well
Ryan and I plan on being debt free,except for our house payment, we are almost there!
I plan on devoting more time to god and making him my #1 priority over everything and serving where I can.
Kendric will start Kindergarten in August of 2011. Yikes. He has been home with me for 5 years and it is going to be very hard to let him go and have no control over what is going on at school. He attends preschool now, but for some reason I think it is different. Maybe because he is not gone all day. Hmm..
Cadence is going to start Preschool in Sept of 2011.
Our plan is no more children in 2011 or ever! Had to add that in since I am a misberable being 8 months pregant.
My plan is to have things done around the house that we want finished. New carpet, paint, etc...
I plan on focusing on postive things more vs always looking at the negitive side of things. I always tend to do that and it never seems to happen that way. I want to live the day like it is my last and always want to end on a happy note, you never know when it will be your last day.
I am sure there is more,but those are things that are the things on my heart now.
Have a great Monday.

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