Friday, August 27, 2010

First Flag football practice

Daddy is so proud. Kendric started Flag football on Wednesday. It is the cutest thing ever, watching him run with the ball and hike and snap the ball. We have to keep reminding Kendric that this is not tackle football and if you tackle, you cannot play anymore. He has to wait until 3rd grade for that. He would run over for a water break and was so excited to get back to the field. I cannot wait for his first game on Sept. 11th. The games are on Saturdays. Saturdays are going to be really busy for us. Games on Saturday and gymnastics for Cadence. It is starting to get to that time that we are going to busy with afterschool functions. Ryan and I want our kids involved in things all the time,but we know they still need to focus on school which is number 1 and we also donot have the problem taking those things away if the first focus is not school. Anyway, I cannot wait to see him play again. Good times ahead.

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