Friday, September 3, 2010

36 weeks

How many weeks:
36 I am beginning to not like these pictures anymore! None of my shirts fit anymore because my belly is so big.

size of baby: close to 6 pounds

Weight gain: 30 Yuck

Cravings: none right now

Symptoms: Alot of pressure and having to pee alot and tons of braxton hicks I have had some real contractions,but nothing consistant
I went to the doctor yesterday and am dialated to a 1. Really? no effacement. I am hoping for a date set on inducement,but do not think I will make it. I think I will go on my own again. Please let me make it to the hospital on time.
One thing that frustrates me is I know several people who are due right around when I am and they have inducement dates scheduled already. Why in the world does my doctor feel she has to wait until I am really nervous about going on my own to schedule something. Seriously. I want to have this baby soon and not on my own. I love the recovery afterwards with a drug free delivery,but IT DOES HURT, and I do not want to do it again,but sometimes god has other things in mind. I am just praying he give me plenty of time to get to the hospital and settled before I have to push.
I just pray everyday for no struggle,but a very smooth process. I think I am asking to much, but we will see.
I cannot sleep because I am so concerned I am going to wake up to contractions. Seriousley, I do not sleep. I am dragging by 5 most evenings, and I am back to work so I have no time to rest,except nap time,but I do things around the house at that time. Oh well, everything will be worth it in just a couple weeks when I see that precious little girl looking at me and depending on mommy for everything. OK, Kaelis, please wait until inducement to come out. It is so nice and warm in there, why would you want to come out earlier than you need to?

What I look forward to: meeting Kaelis

What I miss: just doing normal things without a stuggle and wearing cute non maternity clothes!

Movement: Yes, I feel like she is going to kick her way out somedays.

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