Thursday, September 9, 2010

How I feel about the NFL

I decided to write on this because tonight is the first game of the NFL Season. I loath this time of year because of the NFL. I know every man has their delighted sport and that is ok, however, when it comsumes everything and valuable time I do not get it. When I watch football, I see a bunch of men running with the ball making touchdowns. trambling over each other, hitting each other, and most of all , giving a butt slap on their not so firm bottoms.
 As I watch my husbands delight as he watches the first game of  the season I find myself trying really hard to appreicate every call the refs make or when the player of the favored team makes an awsome move or a touchdown. Great, yipee.
  Here is the thing that puzzles me everytime I hear my husband yell at the tv. Does he really think the people on the other side of the tv can hear him? Come one, that one player is not going to hear you screaming at you,but the whole household heard you and jumped a couple times out of  being scared to death.
I just do not understand it. I know my husband is not the only one that does this. Mr. Clark can watch game after game like it was the first one of day or season, and I am thinking I have a honey do list a mile long,but it seems like I become a football season single mom  of 3 and just about to have a baby at this time of year was not the best thought out process!
Mr. Clark loves the Chicago bears,but he said to me the other day that they still are not looking like they are going to have a great season which means more temper tantrums from the big guy and sulking for 2 hours post game. Really? I guess in a way, its like if I miss a really good sale at a store and missed some great deals, I sulk for a day or so. Not sure that really compares though. Not sure I can find one that does.
  Here is the thing though, I love Mr. Clark and I am going to try my hardest to support him this season and wear the Navy and Orange attire and dress our 3 little fans in it as well and I will only do the excitement and the celebration for Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals(that is where I am from),but nothing else, well except for Ohio State which is another one of  his favs and since I am from Ohio I feel I have to do some supporting.. ok, but that is it! I know that  football is Mr. Clark's love affair for life and there is nothing I can do about it, so with that being said, I am going to become a football wife and watch every game with him and  have a party and have the kids get really excited about the games. I think I can, I think I can. I will not sulk or throw a pity party, but I will walk away with some glee knowing that he loved  his fan club cheering for his favorite team.  Our first born has just started flag football and when he was so excited about pulling a flag and making a touchdown was one of those times that I loved football and the delight it bought to my 2 favorite mens face.  I think I am going to love football in the end, just going to take a few seasons to do it.
  So, their you have it, my view on the football season. Anyone with me? please. Not sure I want to be the only one who does not like watching football. Leave me a comment and let me know so I do not feel so bad.

 I will leave you with this,
  the thought of warm chili and melted chesse and oyster crackers on a brisk fall night warms my heart. Cannot wait for that.

Have a great football season football fans and hopefully I can become a gleeful football wife.

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