Monday, September 27, 2010

Kaelis's birthstory

I have had fast labors for all my children and I knew that my third was going to be even faster. I had this fear from the first day I found out I was pregnant that I would not make it to the hospital on time and that I would have a highway baby. My doctor and I decided that being induced would be a good idea to ensure that I was at the hospital on time.  I was scheduled an iducement date for Wed Sept 22. I was thrilled because I was done being pregnant and I was at ease that I would be at the hospital safe and sound.   I had trouble sleeping because I was afraid of falling asleep and then waking up with contractions and having Kaelis at home. Well..... Kaelis had other plans.  On Monday night I went upstairs and took a shower(thank goodness) and then got into bed to watch some tv. I had felt really bad all day on Monday,but did not think anything of it. I just knew she was not coming until I got induced. Around 11pm I got the 1 cramp that starts before the contractions. I thought, no way, just another practice contraction.  Shortly after that, the contractions began. I went downstairs and played around on the computer for awhile to make sure they were really contractions. They were happening about every 6 mins and they were starting to hurt, now I knew it was the real thing. I decided I better wake up Ryan to start counting them. They were 5 mins apart and I knew we needed to head out quickly. I called my neighbor who was on call that night and she came over around 1130. We got to the hospital around 12 and when the nurse checked me I was a 3. This did not mean a thing to me,because I knew I would not be a 3 for long. I would say a half hour passed and all of a sudden my water broke. I have the same sequence in labors. I am dialated a little bit and then my water breaks and it is showtime. Anyway, after my water broke the nurse came back to check me and I was a 6. They transfered me over to the delivery room and checked me again,( about 5 mins later) and I was a 7 already. I told them they needed to call the doctor right away because I was going to have to push soon.  Did I mention I had no time for a epidural. I have no idea what it is like to not feel the contractions and to push a baby out and have it not hurt. Yep, I felt everything.
 Everybody was frantic at this point because I knew I had to push,but the doctor had not arrived yet. They could not put my legs in stirrups because they knew I would push. I was yelling at this point that I had to push,BUT  the doctor was still 3 mins away. I thought for sure, a nurse or the ER doctor was going to deliver this baby. At last the doctor arrived. She walked in the door, put on her gloves and 4 pushes later Kaelis was born. All in all, the labor was just about 3 hours if you count the labor I did at home.
    It is all worth it in the long run when I look at my precious little girl, but I have to be honest, I never want to experience labor or pregnancy again. I know it is such a wonderful time in life,but I was so uncomfortable and did not have a very good pregnancy and the labor, would you want to experience that again? After 3 times of a drug free labor, I am finished! My husband is seeking medical attention to permantly make sure this does not happen again.
 There you have it, my quick labor story. The pain I had is all forgotten when I look at her. It is well worth the pain.

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