Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2 weeks already

I cannot believe Kaelis is 2 weeks old already.  She is changing  everyday. They grow up so fast. For the most part she is an awsome baby. Only gets up twice a night. She loves to snack and it drives me bonkers because I feel all I am doing is feeding her. I have to strip her down to nurse her so she will not fall asleep. Any tricks? My other 2 were like that,but not as much as Kaelis. She is pretty laid back though. I guess she has to be since she is the third.
  I am just smitten over her and am soaking up this time because I know she will 1 in a flash. Knowing she is my last one, makes me even cherish the time more.

  She completes our family and we love her to peices.

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