Friday, October 1, 2010

I week old and the past week

I think I finally found sometime to a blog entry, between my in home daycare and a newborn and 2 other kids, it is really hard to find time to blog,but I need to set a time everyday to blog. I hate when I miss a blog entry for the day or week.
  The week has been pretty good. It is a really hard adjustment going from 2 to 3 kids.  You go from man to man to zone defense. I am always scared that I will forget Kaelis because I am so use to having 2 kids. 
We went to Applebees for the first time with 3 kids. The hostess asked us if we needed a highchair, and of course I said no, then I got this look from my husband.. the look of   ummm... yes you do, and I said "why" like an idiot, "because you have  to put Kaelis's carseat on it."  "Oh" I said. " I guess we do" the hostess I am sure thought I was some stupid lady who  had no idea she was carrying a infant seat. LOL!
  I felt overwhelmed at times and thought to myself, I hope this was a good idea to have 3 children. I think a little of the just had a baby blues. I am feeling like I can manage all of them by myself now.
 It is easily forgotten how little sleep you get when you have a newborn. It is such a struggle to get out of bed when the UGLY noise of the alarm clock goes off at 5am. I am a walking zombie until I get my coffee flowing through my blood and waking me up. My days of sleeping in on the weekends are over I think because of the screaming infant who is seeking some of mommy's milk.
  Mr. Clark went back to work on Wednesday and my in home daycare kids started back. I know, I am very crazy to start back so soon,but what helps is I am at home and I can sit and have a laid back day if I wanted too. I have not picked any of them up and I roll their pack and plays sideways and tell them to get into the boat, They love it. They are all almost 2 so they can play amongst themselves and can go up and downstairs (my daycare is down in my basement.)  I have even been able to do group time and the lesson plan activities I have planned out for the week. Kaelis sleeps most of the day so that helps me get things done when I need to with the daycare kids.

Big Brother who just adores his sister and is already protecting her. He wants to hold her all the time.
   Life so far is great and we are all smitten over the little girl. I would not change a thing  and am so greatful god gave us another healthy little girl.

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Amber said...

I LOVE that big pink flower on that SUPER CUTE little Kaeli! How precious :) Sounds like your life is super busy but going well. Thanks for posting! :)